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Tube Pipe Bending - Dallas, TX

Rolling is a metal-working process in which metal stock moves through pairs of rollers to lessen the metal’s thickness. It also creates uniformity. At Holloway Steel Services, we use a ‘cold rolling’ process vs. a ‘hot rolling’ method with our Tube Rolling. 

Cold Rolling

With cold-rolling, the metal reaches a specified temperature which enhances the metal’s strength and affects the crystallized structure of the material. The strength increases by 20%; and one can achieve the most tonnage out of the cold-working process. 

Cold-rolling is also more cost-effective than heat-rolling. We are able to pass the savings onto our Dallas consumers.

Tube Bending and Pipe Bending

Even though there are some minor differences between the terms ‘tube bending’ and ‘pipe bending’, these two labels are often used, interchangeably. The reason is because they both apply to the creation of industrial piping or tubing. It should be noted, however, that pipe is used mainly as a conduit for materials like gasses, water and other like materials while tubing is used, mainly, for structural purposes. Pipe is sized by its inside diameter and tubing is sized by its outside diameter. The bending process can create V-shapes, U-shapes and channel shapes from sheet metal.

The Mandrel System

When it comes time for the bending process, the Holloway facility uses a mandrel system. This is a system in which plastic blocks are positioned inside the metal tube to aid with the bending procedure. The blocks allow the interior of the tubing to become fortified during bending. It also prevents wrinkling and distortion. The placement of the plastic blocks allows increased bending force to be safely applied on thicker tubes. Without them the tubes would be more challenging to shape. The plastic blocks have the capacity to flex and adapt, according to the bend.

The mandrel bending procedure for pipe and tube is used where the bend must have the absolute least amount of deformation, possible. It also ensures the best-possible bends in products where a non-deformed finish is critical. 

Holloway Tube Rolling

At Holloway, we can roll tubing, as follows:

  • Square Tubing: 1/2” to 14” 
  • Rectangular Tubing: 1” to 14” (the Hard Way) and 1” to 20” (the Easy Way)

With pipe bending, we can roll ½” pipe up to 12” pipe. We can, also, roll metal plate into a cylinder and create a piece of straight pipe to any diameter.

Holloway Steel Services - 45 Years of Experience

For almost 45 years Holloway has been a top-tier contender in the steel services industry. We continue to serve our Dallas customers with pride. Contractors, architects, and the general public depend on our expertise and insight to ensure they will save time, effort and money by choosing a steel services company that will meet their every need. Let Holloway know what your pipe and tube-bending needs are today!

If time is of the essence, Holloway offers our Dallas clients break-in services to speed-up delivery or pick up dates. At Holloway, our focus is our customer service and support. We guarantee unsurpassed quality, reliability and attention to your order. 

Holloway Steel Services is one of the premier steel fabricators serving customers in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Mexico, Lousiana, Colorado, Arizona and nationwide.


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