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Holloway Tank Manufacturers - Fort Worth, Texas

Welcome to the ‘Tank Manufacturing’ page of Holloway Steel Industries! We trust our online information will provide you with valuable insight regarding one of our very-specialized steel services: the shop-fabrication of tanks; all custom-manufactured in various sizes, lengths, diameters, weights and thicknesses which cater to a host of applications for our Fort Worth patrons.

Our carbon-steel containers (whether tanks, vessels or silos) incorporate dimensions of up to 13 feet in diameter, 80 feet in length, 1.25” in thickness and with a weight capacity of 60,000 pounds. Carbon steel is commercial-quality steel designed for use in virtually countless applications. Whatever your tank need might be, we will create it with absolute precision!

Holloway Tank Manufacturing
10' O.D. x 24' Silo
Holloway Tank Manufacturing
Two 10' O.D. x 40' Vessels
Holloway Tank Manufacturing
10' O.D. x 24' Silo


‘Carbon’ Steel’ - It’s all About Strength

Holloway Manufacturing will not compromise on quality, and because of that, we use carbon steel in the fabrication of our tanks. Carbon is the most important commercial steel alloy. The addition of carbon to steel increases the finished tanks hardness and strength as well as improving what is called ‘hardenability’. 

Hardenability—not to be confused with ‘hardness’—has to do with a material’s potential to be hardened through the use of a thermal treatment. Carbon is, also, one of the most cost-effective alloying materials, available. 

Holloway Manufacturing--Unsurpassed Reputation and Reliable Service

Holloway Company’sreputation throughout the Lone Star State has been hard-earned since we opened our doors in 1971, over 40 years ago. After almost four-and-a-half decades of dedicated expertise in the steel services industry, we continue to offer our patrons in Fort Worth:

  • exceptional quality
  • fast quotes
  • same-day service
  • rail-spur access
  • And more. 

It’s worth noting that our rail-spur access allows us to transfer our tank products to our clients, quickly, safely and efficiently. This is of prime importance to us,and we know it is for you too.


Additionally, Holloway Manufacturing employs the “R15S” which is the world’s largest angle roller. This permits us to enhance our fabricating capabilities and fulfill your tank requests in minimal time. Also, we are able to cater, much more broadly, to our Fort Worth patrons by offering a greater selection of custom-formed structural shapes; both in terms of type and size.Because we utilize the most advanced technologies, your custom-fabricated tank will meet your exact specifications.

Tank Manufacturing—Safety First!

When it comes to Holloway’s tank manufacturing, we place safety first! Vessels over a certain size and pressure must be built to Code (known as the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code), which we strictly adhere to. Part of what this means is that an authorized inspector must sign-off on every new vessel constructed. In addition, our tanks must be assigned a specific name plate which would include pertinent information such as maximum allowable working pressure, maximum temperature, etc.

Contact Us Today!

Whether you have one question or a handful of questions concerning steel-tank fabrication, visit with our experienced representative, Bryan Giles. Your answers are only a phone call, away!

Contact Bryan at 817-232-8663or 1-800-869-8663. Email: bryan@hollowaycompanyinc.com

And keep in mind that no job is too big or too small for Holloway Industries. Our 53,000 square-foot facility can meet any tank-manufacturing need!

Holloway Steel Services is one of the premier steel fabricators serving customers in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Mexico, Lousiana, Colorado, Arizona and nationwide.


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