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Holloway Tank Manufacturers - Dallas, Texas

At Holloway Manufacturing, our experienced technicians use more than 15 rolling machines to shop-fabricate tanks in a multitude of different: 

  • sizes
  • lengths
  • diameters
  • weights, and
  • thicknesses 

We cater to the customized applications our Dallas clients need. Carbon-steel containers are fabricated with diameters as large as 13 feet with 80-foot lengths, 1.25” thicknesses and 60,000 pounds of weight capacity. Carbon steel is commercial-quality and is utilized in a whole host of applications.

Holloway Tank Manufacturing
10' O.D. x 24' Silo
Holloway Tank Manufacturing
Two 10' O.D. x 40' Vessels
Holloway Tank Manufacturing
10' O.D. x 24' Silo

Our Process

At Holloway Manufacturing, we use the “R1FS”.

This incredible piece of equipment allows us to: 

  • Enhance our fabricating capabilities, and 
  • Fulfill your tank requests in minimal time 

Custom-formed structural shapes are formed via the most-advanced technologies within our 53,000 square-foot facility. Give us a call and tell us what your tank needs might are, and we’ll meet your exact specifications and get the job done! Also, keep in mind that we have 10 acres intended to accommodate our Dallas clientele’s long-term storage needs.

‘Carbon’ Steel’ - It’s all About Strength

So, why does Holloway Manufacturing use carbon steel? To begin with, carbon is one of the most cost-effective alloying materials, available. Carbon steel ranks as one of the most important commercial steels. The addition of carbon increases the finished tank’s hardness and strength as well as improving what is called ‘hardenability’. Hardenability is not synonymous with ‘hardness’, but deals with a material’s potential to be hardened via the introduction of an extreme thermal treatment.

Our Reliability = Our Reputation

After more than 40 years of expertise in the steel-services industry, it is our mission to continue to exceed our client’s expectations. Whether in Dallas, other Texas communities, or anywhere in the US. We will never compromise our commitment to you.

Rest assured, our reputation for quality, fast quotes, same-day service and rail-spur access will remain our focus. We want Holloway Manufacturing to remain the leading contender in the steel-services industry. And because we know how crucial deadlines are, our rail-spur access offers the advantage of transferring our tank products to you with the utmost ease, safety and efficiency.

From the Baylor Cancer Center in Dallas, to the Oklahoma City Stockyards in the Midwest, to the San Diego Airport in Southern California, Holloway Manufacturing’s name and reputation are embedded with everything that is American; and we take a great deal of pride in our continued contributions in the building of this great country .

Tank Manufacturing Requisites

Vessels over a certain size and pressure must be built to Code, known as the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. Holloway Manufacturing always adheres to these precise demands. Our vessels are signed-off by an authorized inspector. Also, our tanks are assigned a specific name plate which would include pertinent information such as maximum allowable working pressure, maximum temperature, etc.

Contact Us Today!

Whether you have one question or a handful of questions concerning steel-tank fabrication, visit with our experienced representative, Bryan Giles. Your answers are only a phone call, away!

Contact our knowledgeable representative Bryan Giles; and your inquiries will be answered on the spot. 817-232-8663 or 1-800-869-8663. Email: bryan@hollowaycompanyinc.com

Holloway Steel Services is one of the premier steel fabricators serving customers in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Mexico, Lousiana, Colorado, Arizona and nationwide.


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