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Holloway Custom Steel-Plate Cutting, Dallas, TX

Holloway Custom Steel Plate Cutting ServicesWe welcome you to the “Custom Steel-Plate Cutting” page for Holloway Steel Industries. Your search for steel-plate cutting services is over!  Our online information for Dallas customers is thorough, yet easy to understand.  

If you have any questions, our customer-care team is only a phone call away.

Whatever your steel-plate cutting needs might be, Holloway Steel Industries has you covered.

Our unsurpassed service has benefited Texans, and clients across the country for over 40 years.  Our name, service, and in-depth knowledge has positioned us as a leading contender in the steel-services industry.  Our company uses some of the most advanced technological procedures available.

When you combine our technology with our seasoned technicians and dedicated customer support (all under one roof in our 53,000 square-foot facility) you have a winning combination where quality, efficiency and expertise reign supreme. 

The Quality is in the Technology!

Achieving perfection with our finished products demands innovative procedures. One example includes our CNC cutting equipment. It works in-sync with computer-aided-design software, known as or CAD.

With CAD, we can create detailed 2D and 3D simulations of any product we fabricate.

Our cutting table can measure material 12 feet in width and up to 40 feet in length with a cutting capacity up to 1 ½” thick. We cut positive and negative bevels with ease through the use of our Delta rotating head.

Messer CNC Plasma

CNC machines use a special ‘language’ which guides the machine on how to cut steel and carry out other precise functions. Through the use of CNC Plasma, our technicians are able to achieve a high precision.

Plasma is an excellent candidate for use on thinner materials. Our plasma cutter slices through aluminum, stainless steel, and other non-ferrous metals, with absolute ease.

  • The process of utilizing the plasma-cutting technique to cut through steel is a fascinating one. 
  • The plasma torch blows an inert gas through an electrical arc at an extremely high speed. 
  • As a result, part of the gas transforms into plasma
  • The Plasma has the ability to provide impressively accurate steel-plate cutting results

CNC Oxy Fuel Torch

Oxy-fuel allows the burning of pure oxygen with gaseous fuel. When cutting mild steel thicknesses above the ½” range, oxy-fuel provides precise results.

At Holloway Steel Services, our CNC Oxy Fuel Torch will cut carbon steels as thick as 4 inches. A high-velocity jet is created which provides a clean, super-exact cut.

Pure oxygen is a key component in our steel-cutting procedures. It allows more intense temperatures for the melting of the steel, even within a normal room environment.

The torch itself heats the metal to start the cutting process. Yet, it is the heat produced by the metal oxide and its contact with the steel that continues the cutting procedure. Our CNC Oxy Fuel Torch method allows steel to be cut at a much quicker rate than if the material were melted through.

We want to remind our Dallas customers that no job is too big or too small. Regardless of your personal, commercial or industrial steel-plate cutting needs, Holloway Steel Services is here for you!

Our Products and Service Are Our Reputation!

Offering our Dallas clients the best possible product, and dedicated customer care, is our number one priority. We don’t take more than 4 decades of client loyalty for granted. We will bend over backwards to meet our clients’ needs—down to the smallest of details.

Much of Holloway Steel Services’ reputation hinges on those ‘little extras’ that our Dallas customers continue to appreciate: 

  • Fast quotes
  • Same-day service
  • Rail spur access... and more

Because of our rail spur access, our Dallas clientele can receive their finished products sooner and always safely! Deadlines are important you, which makes them important to us. Rest assured you will receive your much needed products on time!

Contact Us Today!

Contact our office today and we will be more than happy to address any inquiries you might have regarding your custom steel-plate cutting needs. Our experienced representative, Shane Howsley, will be happy to assist you! shane@hollowaycompanyinc.com

Holloway Steel Services is one of the premier steel fabricators serving customers in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Mexico, Lousiana, Colorado, Arizona and nationwide.


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